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    Scrap Wood Halloween Black Cat DIY

    Black Cat Scrap Wood DIY

      Every house needs some Black Cat decor for Halloween!  You can make these “scary” or “cute” AND they’re the perfect craft for the kids to help paint! Here’s how you can make your own black cats with your kids! All you need is scrap wood, paint and raffia!  Seriously ladies, it doesn’t get much easier than that!  If you don’t have raffia on hand, you can use twine.  Just unravel the ends after you tie it in a bow so it’s “wild” like a cat’s whiskers 😉 Let’s get started: You need (1) 2×4 cut to about 8″ give or take.  This is purely preference. You can also make…

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    Easter Bunny Burlap Banner

    It’s almost Easter and today I want to share with you how to make this adorable Easter Bunny Burlap Banner.  It’s the perfect addition to any mantle, hutch or entryway.  For this project you’re going to need the following supplies: 6-8 burlap triangles, fabric, twine, paint, bunny stencil, craft clothes pins. Using the stencil, paint the bunnies into the burlap.  Becasue burlap isn’t a tight weave fabric you will want to do this on a piece of paper becasue the paint will seep through.  You can do all of the bunnies one color or mix it up to match the fabric ties.  Set aside to dry. Taking your fabric, make…

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    Glittered Spring Home Decor Plaque

    I absolutely love the feeling that SPRING brings!  Growth, newness and a sense of renewal!  It’s not only a time for me to reassess my goal and dreams, but also a time to spruce up my house and bring some fresh color and decorations in!  I happened upon this adorable wooden plaque at Joann’s and just knew that I had to create something with it.  I love the detailed cutouts.  That’s done with a laser cutter and that is definitely on my TO-BUY list….someday.  They’re not cheap 😉 My supplies included a wooden plaque from Joanns (they don’t sell it online but THIS one would work), glitter, any color paint…

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    Progress is Sometimes Baby Steps – 3 EASY steps to your success!

    Struggles and failures are always going to happen.  They are put in your path to achieving your dreams for a purpose!  Don’t be discouraged!  The dream you have in your head is the dream GOD put there!  And HE is the one working it to fruition in HIS timing.  Sometimes that may take a different path or a different time frame than what you actually thought planned.  Stay the course! Just because you aren’t making progress of fast as you think you should be, does not mean that you aren’t making progress. When you hit the point of feeling like you aren’t making progress in your dreams, take a step…

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    The Simplest DIY of EVER!

    Ceiling Medallion DIY 3 simple steps

    Anybody that creates feels a sense of satisfaction!  Standing in the kitchen and creating a new dish is satisfaction for some. Singing or playing an instrument may bring someone else a sense of fulfillment.  For me…its creating art!  When I say this is the easiest DIY ever, I mean it.  People have PIN’ed this hundreds of times!  (Check out the image at the end to PIN to your own boards!) Art covers a whole realm of things and I’m going to be the first to tell you that I will never be a Picasso or Michelangelo.  Honestly, I’m humbled everyday that people ask me to create for them because the…