Pork tenderloin doesn’t have to be boring!  We tend to eat a lot of pork and poultry in our house and coming up with new ways to use cuts of meat makes dinner times a little more interesting.  I truly don’t think our kids realize how thankful they should be that they don’t eat a […]


Grilled Pork Tenderloin Roll-ups

When is say this will make you a LOVER of fish, I AM NOT KIDDING!  I am not a fan of fish or seafood of any kind and this dish is nothing short of delicious!. My hubby has a passion for cooking and he hit it out of the park with this dish! This Smothered […]


Favorite LOADED Smothered Fish

Having a go-to casserole dish is a MUST have as an adult!  I mean think about all of the events that you go to where you need a DELICIOUS dish to share?  OR, a dish that just provides all of the comfort of food! This Rotel Chicken Casserole is the perfect dish for just those […]


Rotel Chicken Casserole

Having a dish like this Easy Summer Bacon Pasta to make during the long hot days makes cooking dinner and pleasing your family so easy!  And it has bacon – that makes everyone happy doesn’t it?! We are a family that has boys that play ALOT of competitive baseball and once March hits, I really […]


EASY Summer Bacon Pasta

I am a picky eater when it comes to anything Chinese and we’ve never been able to create a dish at home that was something we wanted to make over and over again!  So when we got this jar of P.F. Chang’s Kung Pao sauce from Influenster to try out, I had high hopes!  And […]


Easy Chinese Kung Pao Chicken

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