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    Dear Teenage Son

    Dear Son, You are foraging into tough years.  I know that and I see it.  Please know, that these years are going to be hard for me also.  Yes, I’ve been a teenager, but now I am experiencing all of it with new eyes.  Please be patient with me as I will be patient with you. Let’s get the first, and most awkward talk, out-of-the-way.  Girls.  I will have HIGH expectations for the girl you will bring around.  I will be jealous.  Yes, I know that sounds weird but you will understand when you have your own little girl.  I will understand that there will be girls you don’t bring…

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    EASY School Lunch Ideas and FREE Printable Lunchbox Notes

    With the start of school, many parents are dealing with the packing of lunches every morning and having EASY school lunch ideas makes all of our morning go a lot smoother. Our school offers hot lunches but kiddos prefer to take their own everyday.   And let’s face it, my oldest is 15 and at 6’3″, the hot school lunches never seem to be enough, coupled with the fact that they would spend so much money on ala-carte items to make up for it.  School lunches were getting to be SO expensive for things that in my opinion wasn’t worth it. Buying, packing and getting lunches ready for the day can…