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    Grilled Pork Tenderloin Roll-ups

    Pork tenderloin doesn’t have to be boring!  We tend to eat a lot of pork and poultry in our house and coming up with new ways to use cuts of meat makes dinner times a little more interesting.  I truly don’t think our kids realize how thankful they should be that they don’t eat a lot of processed food.  I guess that’s one of the things that they’ll come to appreciate later in life when they are parenting of their own. When I was growing up, I only knew that pork tenderloin was a sandwich!  I remember my mom beating and tenderizing these cuts of meat, coating them in egg…

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    EASY Summer Bacon Pasta

    Having a dish like this Easy Summer Bacon Pasta to make during the long hot days makes cooking dinner and pleasing your family so easy!  And it has bacon – that makes everyone happy doesn’t it?! We are a family that has boys that play ALOT of competitive baseball and once March hits, I really don’t know what day it is pretty much through July!  It’s intense and makes dinnertime so challenging!  This recipe is perfect because it’s quick and EASY! Here’s how to make your own Easy Summer Bacon Pasta! Ziti Noodles – or any noodle that you prefer 1 pound of bacon – fried and chopped Red Peppers…