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    So Goes A New Heart

      When things become dilapidated, they need repair.  You can drive down any inner-city and see the amount of work that would need to be done in order to rebuild it into a thriving economy.  Things are built and then become old and need repair.  Sometimes that repair comes from the tearing down of the physical structure and rebuilding on a new foundation.   So goes a new heart.  Sometimes we need to build that on a new foundation.   There comes a point ns some people’s lives where all of the pain and hurt that they have carried for years comes crashing down on them.  It may be the…

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    40 Quirks for 40 Years

    To start with, I should have created this list when I was 20.  It’s much easier to come up with 20 unique things versus 40!  Try it!!  Since it’s my birth month and I’ll be 40, I thought I would share some of my uniqueness with you.  Here we go:  As a child I wanted to legally change my name to Barbara.  I’m thankful my mother didn’t let me follow through with that.  I still love the name, but I am so thankful and blessed for the family name I have. Twizzlers are my FAVORITE candy….like I could eat bags upon bags.  It’s really ridiculous. I adored Kenny Rogers as…