Quick and Easy Halloween Door Hanger

We are in the thick of holidays decorating!  Once September hits, it’s a non-stop hustle until the end of the year!  This is my favorite time of year to decorate and I know it’s many of yours too!  Decorating doesn’t have to time consuming or expensive though!

This quick and easy Halloween hanger can be used in your decor or as a door hanger can be done in at little as 10 minutes AND it was cheap.

Here’s how you can make a Quick and Easy Halloween Door Hanger one for yourself!

Head to craft heaven (Hobby Lobby) and get yourself the following supplies:

Wooden numbers and a small plaque.

Ribbon (I had scrap ribbon that I used)

Scrapbook paper (yeah for having a ton of scrapbook paper)

Plastic spider!

Modge Podge

The first and longest step is tracing your plaque and numbers onto the scrapbook paper and cutting it out!

Using Modge Podge, apply the scrapbook paper to your wooden pieces.

Slightly sand the edges of your wood pieces to knock off any excess paper.

Attach your numbers with hot glue or gorilla glue.  You can either center it or offset it depending on where you want to put your ribbon and spider.

The next step is making the bow.

Bows can be intimidating for some, but with this technique, you’ll be a professional bow maker in no time.  I got this trick from Brooke at Re-Fabbed!  I’m not sure if she is the one that came up with this technique but my credit goes to her 🙂

Creating your bow is just a matter of layering ribbon pieces back and forth.  They don’t have to match nor be the same length.

Using a piece of ribbon tie around the middle into a knot at the back.

Using hot glue, attach the ribbon to your wooden plaque.

The final step is attaching your spooky or “cute” spider 😉

And that’s it!

There isn’t really an easier craft out there.  With a little bit of paper cutting and hot gluing, you’ll have your own done in less than 10 minutes!

I have mine hanging on front porch but it is not on my door.  You could attach a ribbon onto the back and hang it or nestle it in your mantle among other “cute” Halloween decor!

This quick and easy Halloween project would be great to do with your girlfriends for a craft night in.  Depending on what colors you decorate with, you can incorporate some green or even NEON colors which are HOT in Halloween decorating this year!

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