Purge/De-Stash Calendar

Follow this easy Purge/Destash Calendar to make the yearly process a little more bearable and easy to complete!

Every year after the holidays, most people take the time to start on a little “spring cleaning”. Getting your house back in order from the holiday chaos can sometimes seem daunting.

I’ve created a 20 day calendar for you to use to start the Purge/De-Stash process in your home.

I’ve made it to where you have the weekends to play catch up if you need to.

I’ve made a list of the 20 most common places in homes that typically need to have a yearly Purge/De-Stash:

  • Master Closet – rid your closet of things worn past their time, things that don’t fit you anymore or things that you haven’t worn in a year
  • Dressers – same as the master closet
  • Linens/Towels – blankets, sheets, towels and wash clothes you no longer use or need to upgrade
  • Bathroom Cabinets – clean out of all the old things and things you don’t use anymore
  • Under Kitchen Sink – get rid of old chemicals and dispose of properly
  • Pantry – toss expired pantry items and donate things that are just taking space that you won’t ever cook
  • Nightstand – clean out of all the old things and things you don’t use anymore
  • Desk – clean out of all the old things and things you don’t use anymore
  • Junk Drawer – clean out of all the old things and things you don’t use anymore
  • Spice Rack – toss expired spices and any that you don’t use
  • Medicine Cabinet – toss expired prescriptions and dispose of properly
  • Coat Closet – get rid of coats that no longer fit, gloves that don’t have mates and umbrellas that don’t work
  • Utensil Drawer – toss utensils that you no longer use and just take up space
  • Phone Photos – delete blurry photos and screenshots that you no longer need
  • Mail/Paper – make it a goal to only touch a piece of paper two times
  • Tupperware – random pieces that don’t have a mate need to be tossed
  • Filing Cabinet – toss any old paperwork and organize so it’s easier to locate when you need something
  • Computer Files – delete old files that you no longer need making your computer operate more efficiently
  • Junk Drawer – yep – you get another day since we all have more than one
  • Toys – use a day when the kids are gone and sift through what is truly used and what isn’t – donate everything else

That’s it! If you’re able to get through these categories, you are going to have a cleaner home that you feel good being in.

Are you going to join me in the Purge/De-Stash challenge?

PIN this image and share it with all of your friends so that you can challenge each other to purge/de-stash together.

If you’re looking for some more tips and hacks to implement in your home, make sure you read my 5 Spring Cleaning Myths and how you can debunk them!


  • Linnie Sohler

    I started decluttering a couple years ago,and am nearly finished. And since then I have had a full year with 2 major surgeries and recoveries, so I haven’t been decluttering for a couple years. But I have been extremely thorough! Here’s my system: take 3 bags or boxes to each site. One for throw away (easy), one for give away ( tugs at your heart occasionally), and one for PUT away ( the most difficult! It’s not a “keep” container, it means put it away during that session!). This has worked extremely well for me.
    Luckily, many of the places your calendar suggests need sorting, I have recently done. I would never be able to go through it all in 20 days, but those places definitely need a yearly go-through.
    And, the benefit is not only a more organized space, but a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction! So do what you can, and do it well! I’d love to hear if you tried my system and what you think of it.
    Beth, thank you for inspiring us to live uncluttered lives, to craft beautiful things, and to keep God in our hearts. May this be an amazing year for everyone! ❤

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