Mango Vodka Breeze

Mango Vodka Breeze Adult Beverage

The easiest and tastiest refreshing drink for all your lazy summer days, this Mango Vodka Breeze is the going to quench your greatest thirst!

Mango Vodka Breeze

When it comes to LONG summer days, whether they’re lazy or busy, I LOVE to being able to have a refreshing drink in the shade on the back deck at the end of the day. The best part of those adult drinks is when they are easy to mix up.

Some of my summer days are LONG and spent at the ballfields watching my kiddos play ball while other days are LONG lounging by any body of water. Two of my favorite places to be in the summer – and having a yummy drink in hand is a must for me.

Here’s how you can make and enjoy your own Mango Vodka Breeze!

  • 1/2 cup vodka (I use Burnetts for most of my mixed drinks)
  • 1 cup Minute Maid Mango Punch Juice

TWO INGREDIENTS!! That’s a HUGE score for me!

Mango Vodka Breeze Ingredients

This is going to be the simplest how-to I’ll ever show you!

Fill 2 glasses with ice.

Pour ingredients into cocktail shaker, shake well.

Mango Vodka Breeze

Split between 2 glasses.

Garnish with fresh mango slices if desired.

That’s it! If that doesn’t get you relaxing fast enough in the summer breeze, then I don’t know what will!

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Mango Vodka Breeze

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