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If You Give A Creator A Paintbrush

If You Give A

If you give a creator a brush to paint the hallway, she’s going to see that her trim needs to be repainted.  While she is repainting the trim, she is going to realize that her floor needs to be swept and mopped.  Her husband will buy her a new mop since the last one broke.  When she is finished, she will realize that she needs to wash her paintbrush.  While washing her paintbrush, she is going to realize that the cat and dog need to be fed and watered.   While feeding the cat and dog, she’ll see her calendar chalkboard wall that never gets used and starts thinking about how to reuse that space.  She’ll go to her office and start coming up with ideas.  While in her office, she turns on her Daisy Scentsy warmer.  She will realize that she needs new wax to melt.  She replaces the wax.  Then she sees the mess that her office is and starts to organize.  While organizing, she will come across some amazing fabric that she bought four years ago that she totally forgot about and HAS to make something now!  She starts to make a pillow cover and tries to cut the fabric.  While cutting her fabric, she realizes that her scissors are dull and wonders if the boys used her fabric scissors for cutting paper.  HUGE NO-NO!  She sits down at the computer to type up rules for the boys of what to use and what not to use in mom’s craft space.  As she’s typing the rules, she realizes that there was an order she needed to place online for craft supplies.  She will place her order.  She will then get lost in all the other beautiful things she could buy.  She remembers that she never gave the cat and dog water and didn’t feed the fish.  She feeds the fish and remembers that she forgot to hang her St. Patty’s Day banner above the buffet table.  (She forgets to give the animals water.)  She goes to get her St. Patty’s Day banner to hang.  While she’s looking for it, she finds all of the other holiday decor that needs to be put out.  She pulls it all out and puts up the banner.  That’s all.  After she puts up the banner, she realizes that she never fully washed out her paintbrush.  That reminds her that she never finished painting the hallway.  She gets a new paintbrush to finish the hallway.  And chances are, if she starts painting the hallway, she’s going to realize all of the trim now needs to be painted to match.

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