Halloween Mummy DIY

I love decorating for every holiday and Halloween is no exception!  The one thing that I try to put in every project is SIMPLICITY.  I like pieces that are quick to put together and add a unique character to your display.

This year I wanted a mummy to add to my décor and this one is so simple that you can do it too.  I’m even thinking of making a life size one for my front porch!  How cool would that be!

Here is what you’re going to need to make your Halloween Mummy:

  • scrap wood
  • black paint
  • bandage gauze
  • buttons

Simply start by painting your board black and wrapping it in gauze, leaving a small area unwrapped for the eyes to be placed.  I used hot glue to attach the gauze to the back of the board.


Next, hot glue your buttons to create the eyes!  I used three sets of different colored buttons giving the eyes more of a “real” look but you can just use one color if you want.


And now you have your very own Halloween Mummy!

I think this is hands down one of the easiest pieces I have ever done!  No joke!! Make sure you put one on your to-do list this month before Halloween sneaks by.

If you have kiddos, this would be the prefect project for them!  My boys want to add some red paint dripping down the gauze  to resemble “blood”.  You know….it’s a boy thing and everything has to have some element of blood in it for it to be cool in their eyes.



What do you think?