Framed Washi Tape Heart

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays – so much so that I start decorating as soon as the Christmas stuff comes down.  My family LOVES {insert sarcasm} it.  This project is so easy and cheap that anyone can recreate it!


Scrapbook paper – I choose a barn wood style

Printer paper or card stock

Washi Tape – here is some CUTE washi tape!


I cut a heart out of my barn wood style scrapbook paper and cut it to fit my 8×10 frame.  You can use any size frame you want.  I used my Silhouette to cut the heart but you can freehand it.

Once cut, I used the cutout to trace my heart onto the printer paper.  I used a variety of pink, red and Valentines, themed washi tape to cover the heart tracing.  I love washi tape because it is forgiving and so versatile.  You can literally use it anywhere if you want to dress stuff up!

Then you’re done!!  Layer the paper and display them in a frame!!  It’s doesn’t get much easier than that ladies!  Think of the possibilities – a shamrock for St Patrick’s Day, a star for 4th of July, a Christmas tree for Christmas.  The list could literally go on forever.  Maybe even an everyday decor piece such as a monogram!!  Say what!!!!  This is such a versatile, EASY project!!

I’d love to know if you use this tutorial and create a piece with your own flair!

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