Farmhouse Wooden Stand DIY

Creating a farmhouse stand to use as a candle holder or other things is easy with these simple supplies from the dollar store.

Whether in the bathroom, the kitchen or the master bedroom, sometimes we need to add a little bit of height to a candle, or maybe a picture frame. Whatever it is, I’ve got the details on making your own for super cheap.

Here’s is what you need to make your own Farmhouse Stand:

If you have access to wood and saw, you can cut your own wood piece. If you don’t you can find 5″ wood rounds at several places online and at Dollar Tree.

First cut wood into 5 inch round.

Stain with color of choice and let dry overnight. I chose the color, Early American.

TIP: if you don’t like using stain since it is oil based, you can use any acrylic paint that is slightly watered down to create a stained look.

Next, you going to paint candle stick holder using Waverly Chalk Paint in Ink color. Let dry.

Using E6000 glue, glue the painted candle stick holder to the DRY wood round and let dry overnight

What did I tell you? Super cheap and super easy and I wasn’t lying!

Want to know how to create the birch candle I have sitting in mine? Stay tuned!!

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