Fall Craft Stick Trio

This Fall Craft Stick Trio is not only easy and fun but it also works on shapes, colors, cutting and counting for toddlers! Here’s how to make your own!

As a child, I remember crafting with craft sticks at school and running home to show my mom my wonderful creation! I’ll be honest, most of those creations didn’t usually resemble anything that you recognized. It was mostly picture frames that you added a picture to and hung on your refrigerator.

I knew I wanted to create a craft stick project that the kids would enjoy AND be adorable to not only keep but enjoy giving to friends and family.

Here’s what you’re going to need to make some Fall Craft Stick Trio’s for yourself:

Layout wooden craft sticks using the photo as a guide. Scarecrow uses nine vertical and one horizontal, color hat with orange washable marker.  The Crow uses four vertical, color with black washable marker. Harvest Corn uses five vertical, color small sections with orange, yellow and brown washable markers.

Attach each base group of wooden craft sticks to tan cardstock with glue gun, trim excess cardstock with scissors.  Do not glue on the scarecrow’s craft stick hat brim until the next step.

Cut and fringe a rectangle of yellow craft foam, glue to top of scarecrow’s face and attach hat brim on top of foam.

To finish the Scarecrow, attach two wiggle eyes, then draw nose and mouth with orange and brown washable markers.  Create a patch with a square of brown craft foam and permanent marker stitches. Add a flower by cutting and fringing a white circle of craft foam, folding in half to attach and top with a small circle of red craft foam.

Embellish the Crow with two wiggle eyes, a large yellow craft foam triangle beak and a large black craft foam leaf-shaped tail, attached with glue.  Draw two dots at the top of the Crow’s beak to finish.

The Harvest Corn just needs a Husk made from a large rectangle of green craft foam.  Wrap around the corn to make sure it meets at the base and then cut out two leaf shapes at the top.  Secure with glue.

This Fall Craft Stick Trio is perfect for place cards, magnets or a fun banner to decorate your holiday table or classroom!

Aren’t they absolutely adorable!

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