Fabric and Embroidery Hoops

Fabric and Embroidery Hoops Make Decorating Easy

Changing your decor in can come monthly or seasonly – at least for me! These Fabric and Embroidery Hoops make the changing of styles EASY and CHEAP!!

Fabric and Embroidery Hoops

When it comes to decorating, I change things quite often – with the changing of every season or holiday and sometimes more. Around my house, there is always something in progress in every room!

I don’t have a little girl at home anymore so my craft room/office is my girl haven! I had a small spot that just lacked something but I couldn’t figure out what. It sat untouched for almost three years! I’ve seen some tutorials around the web for similar projects and so I thought this was the perfect easy and cheap solution until I decided what I wanted there permanently.

I actually LOVE it and so it might be the permanent decor that it needed!

Here’s how you can make your own Fabric and Embroidery Hoops:

  • Embroidery hoops of multiple sizes – you can get the colored ones or get the wooden ones. Remember, I wanted this to be a cheap project so I opted for the wooden ones.
  • Coordinating fabric – whatever matches your room and your style
  • Coordinating ribbon – this is optional

Taking your first fabric, open your embroidery hoops and place a single layer of fabric over the bottom hoop.

Fabric and Embroidery Hoops steps
Fabric and Embroidery Hoops steps

Layer the top hoop over the bottom hoop and tighten.

Fabric and Embroidery Hoops steps

Turn over and trim the excess fabric.

Fabric and Embroidery Hoops steps

Repeat with other hoops and coordinating fabric.

Fabric and Embroidery Hoops steps
Fabric and Embroidery Hoops steps

OPTIONAL – using coordinating ribbon, hot glue to the edges of some of your hoops.

In Ruffled Daisy fashion, I had to use the ruffled ribbon!

hot glue
hot glue

That’s it!

What’d I tell ya? SIMPLE!

I added a frame that I had in another spot that worked PERFECTLY! I also used some tissue paper party balls and I think they were the perfect addition!

These Fabric and Embroidery Hoops are perfect all around in my eyes!

Fabric and Embroidery Hoops final
Fabric and Embroidery Hoops final

Do you have a little girl that would love to have this in her room!

You could find a similar frame at your local Goodwill store and just paint it to match her decor. You could put a canvas behind it to add some art or do like I did and add a Fabric and Embroidery Hoop.

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