Spring Kite Wreath – Easy DIY

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This Easy DIY Spring Kite Wreath is the perfect addition to any entryway! Recalling childhood memories of kite flying is sure to make everyone feel welcome!

Spring Kite Wreath

Nothing signals the beginning of warmer like the flying of a kite does!  Flying a kite is something that everyone enjoys no matter how young or old.   There’s something about flying a kite that turns a boring day around!  This Easy DIY Spring Kite Wreath is the perfect addition to any doorway welcoming the return of warmer weather!

This Easy DIY Spring Kite Wreath will have you flying in no time!!

Here’s what you need:

Small dowel rod

Scrap fabric



Glue gun

Spring Kite Wreath DIY

I cut my dowel rod into two pieces – 19″ and 15″.  Glue them together with a decent amount of hot glue and let dry completely.

Spring Kite Wreath DIY

The next step is just eyeballing it.  I laid my fabric scrap face down and just cut around the edges of the dowel rods leaving enough excess to glue to the rods.

Spring Kite Wreath DIY

Spring Kite Wreath DIY

When you’re done gluing, this is what it will look like from the back…..

Spring Kite Wreath DIY

Trim any excess material that hangs over that you can see from the front.

Spring Kite Wreath DIY

With your coordinating ribbon, glue along the edges of the kite and through the middle intersection.

Spring Kite Wreath

It’s kinda looking like a kite now isn’t it?!  I love it!

Spring Kite Wreath

Hot glue some flowers to the base and one at the top and you’re ready to hang it!

Spring Kite Wreath

This is seriously going to be the easiest DIY ever!  I did it while cooking dinner and it was ready to hang in less than 20 minutes!  Hand it on the door with some of THESE command hooks and you’ll be the enjoy of all your neighbors.

No one ever said DIY’ing had to be difficult!  Quick projects like these are my favorite because it’s proof that ANYONE can create beauty in their homes!

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Spring Kite Wreath

Do you have memories of kite flying when you were a kid OR do you like creating memories with your own family?  What other spring activity do you enjoy doing with your kiddos?

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