Crumpled Paper Sunflower

There are a million different ways to make sunflowers and this Crumpled Paper Sunflower is an easy one for you to try today!

The supplies needed to make this precious Crumpled Paper Sunflower are:

  • Scrap wooden board
  • Burlap
  • Scrapbook paper – green and yellow
  • Brown or black fabric
  • Wooden dowel or paper straw
  • Green paint
  • Hot glue

I had a scrap wooden board that was already painted black so you can paint yours any color that you choose.

Cut a piece of burlap to size to wrap around the board and secure with hot glue in the back.

For the flowers, I had some yellow wood look scrapbook paper. I folded it about 2 inches in and draw half of a petal onto the fold. When cut, it will open to make a full petal.

I cut about 20 of them but it is going to vary based on how big you are creating your sunflower.

Once all of your pieces are cut, wad each individual piece up like a piece of trash and then unroll it. You may have to do this a couple times for each petal, giving it the texture that you you desire.

Once all of your petals are the way you want them, glue them down into a circular pattern, creating the sunflower.

I created about three different layers for my sunflower.

To create the center of the sunflower I wanted to make a mini scrappy bow. I used brown fabric but you could also use black.

To create a mini scrappy bow, cut in about 1/2″ from the edge of the fabric and rip. This is going to create your strips for your scrappy bow. I made several of these so we could get a full looking center.

Cut a piece of twine to about 8 inches and cut your strips down to about 1-1/2″ and criss cross them over a piece of twine. The twine is what is going to tie it all together.

Once your scrappy bow is tied together, hot glue it to the center of the sunflower.

To make the stem, I use a paper straw and wrapped it in twine. You could also use a wooden dowel if you have one of those on hand.

To dress up the stem a little bit, I dry brushed some green paint onto it. Once it is dry, you can hot glue it down underneath the crumpled paper sunflower.

To make the leaves, I just cut a design out of green scrapbook paper and glued two of them along the edge of the stem.

That’s it!

A super cute Crumpled Paper Sunflower that you’re going to absolutely fall in love with! The texture of the crumpled paper is what really brings this sunflower to life.

Do you think you’ll try to make one on your own? I’d love for you to PIN this image to your favorite Pinterest board so you have access to it when you’re ready to make one. It also makes it super easy to share with your friends!

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