Christmas Craft Blitz

  1. Grandma Nikki says:

    I absolutely adore your crafting and creative spirit ????
    I ordered your beautiful pink pumpkin shirt????
    I am hoping that you can print it on a black shirt so that I can wear it to work ???? I , too, am a creative. (Yes, the word “creative” is now a noun. LOL!)???? I am also a craft supplies hoarder. LOL! I wonder if all crafters are craft supplies hoarders. LOL!???? I am just starting out in my journey as a beginner blogger and video creator. I am wondering if you would have a few minutes to answer some questions or give me some tips and encouragement about this journey? ????MAY GOD BLESS EVERYTHING THAT YOU PUT YOUR MIND AND HANDS TO DO????
    With Much Love And Respect,
    Grandma Nikki Morgan

    • admin says:

      Hello!!! Thank you so much for the sweet words. I truly do appreciate them. I’m glad you are here and get inspiration to be creative!! And yes, I am a craft supply hoarder ???? welcome to the blogging world! It’s a space where you can share your passions with the world ❤️

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