Welcome to “Daisy Lane”, our enchanting new shop within The Ruffled Daisy family. As someone who has always believed that earrings are the exclamation point of an outfit, I’m excited to bring you our collection of handcrafted jewelry and accessories, with a special spotlight on laser-cut earrings.


Step Into Daisy Lane: Where Elegance Meets Expression

Today, I am absolutely thrilled to bring you some exciting news from our cozy corner of the world – The Daisy DreamMakers. As we embrace the festive cheer of December, our VIP members are in for a very special treat with our Valentine’s Day-themed VIP Exclusive Files. But first, let’s talk about the heart and soul of our community – The Daisy DreamMakers.

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December’s VIP Exclusive Release: Valentine’s Day Edition at The Daisy DreamMakers

Cozy up this winter with a heartwarming DIY project! Discover how to transform our free printable into charming bookmarks. Ideal for book lovers or as a thoughtful holiday gift, these bookmarks add a personal touch to any reading session. Watch our easy-to-follow video tutorial and get ready to spread the joy of reading and crafting!


Warm Up Your Winter Reading: Free Printable DIY Bookmark

The Ruffled Daisy introduces a holiday tradition called ‘Movie Night In A Bag’, offering a unique method to enjoy favorite Christmas movies. The bag contains 12 tokens, each of which customers write the name of a Christmas movie on. The post also provides a list of 30 largely popular Christmas movies, ensuring a variety of options for a memorable festive period.


Movie Night In A Bag: Unwrap the Magic of Christmas Movies

Beth, the founder of The Ruffled Daisy, expresses overwhelming gratitude towards her community this holiday season. She acknowledges their role in transforming her initial dream into a thriving creative haven. Praising the fellowship, dialogue, and shared ingenuity within the community, Beth thanks them for turning The Ruffled Daisy from a mere brand into a family.

Crafts/DIY, Inspiration

From My Heart to Yours: A Grateful Holiday Message

The holiday season is a time for warmth, joy, and creating lasting traditions. Two years ago, I shared a video where I unveiled the secrets behind crafting beautiful bows for my Christmas tree. It’s a tradition that fills my heart with happiness, and I’m thrilled to share it with you once more. In this blog […]


Crafting Christmas Magic: DIY Bow Tutorial

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