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5 Things No One Tells You About Being an Entrepreneur!

Wanna ROCK living the American Dream??

Oh, the American dream of being an Entrepreneur! People wanting to work for themselves and not having to punch a time clock or answer to anyone else.  After all, if you can do what you love then WHY NOT?!  There are lots of benefits of working for yourself.

It’s on your schedule.

You set the bar on what you want to make.

You are your own boss – simple as that.

You get to experiment and not be subjected to the rigid rules of a corporation.

Look at social media!  ALL of the entrepreneurs portray that they have their shit together and life is nothing short of amazing!  They are always dressed to impress, always on their “A-Game”, always able to sit at a coffee shop and work at their leisure.  It’s on social media so it must be true, right?

Let’s DO IT!!!!!!

Hold up!!!!

Here’s the downsides ~ or upsides ~  to working for yourself that no one tells you about though.  It all depends on how you want to look at it 😉

  1. You learn to talk to anything!!  Seriously; you will start talking to the animals, plants, imaginary friends, and even talking to the craft you’re working on!  Praise the Lord for social media!!  It’s an art and I’ve pretty much mastered it!  In fact, some days I have multiple conversations and answer myself!
  2. You will work MORE and be with friends LESS!  That’s right!  There are literally less hours in the day when you work from home.  You will work more just because it’s easily accessible.  And you will see your friends less because of you working more.  You will literally work ALL…OF…THE…TIME!  This is one of the benefits of being an extroverted introvert!  You can be fun when you want and be a hermit when you want!
  3. No vacations and office parties?  Say what??  Yep!  You don’t get invited to a fancy Christmas party where you can dress up and embarrass yourself in from of the boss.  And vacations?  HA!!  If you take a vacation, you don’t get paid because your work doesn’t get done.  If you are lucky enough to get a vacation, you’re likely taking work with you.  That means when you get to go out on a random Thursday, you play it up and enjoy it for everything it is!
  4. You will want to quit more than once!  You will question every aspect of your being and wonder what your dreams really look like since they seem so unattainable sometimes.  You will begin to second guess everything you do and link it to how you are not succeeding fast enough and failing at everything.  Besides – all of the entrepreneurs on social media seem to have it all figured out, right?  WRONG!  They’re struggling just like you are behind the lens.  
  5. You will have trouble sleeping at night!  When you are in business for yourself and you are responsible for making $1, it will consume you!  You will wake up in the middle of the night – that is if you have even fallen asleep – and your mind will be racked with things that you should be doing, can be doing, or want to be doing!  Let the sleep go if you plan on working for yourself.  Upside – some of the best plans come when you’re trying to sleep!!

Owning your business is hard work – but it pays off!!  It’s not all frills and glitter – but the joy of working for yourself far outweigh the hard days!

If you are doing what you love and then YOU HAVE GUTS and YOU ARE BLESSED!  Keep working through the hard times and share your light with the world!

If you have a dream to work for yourself and aren’t yet – GET OUT THERE AND DO IT!!  Part time if you have to at first —- JUST DO IT!!  Do something today that will get you where you want to be tomorrow!  Nothing comes by chance!

Go be AMAZING!!  It’s time!!!

What do you think?