4th of July Decorating TIPS

Dressing up your home for a Fourth of July Celebration is going to be a breeze with these quick and easy 4th of July Decorating tips!

No matter what holiday or celebration shows up, I LOVE being able to decorate and entertain. Decorating for your own home or for a party does not have to be hard or expensive. My goal in any decorating is to complete it on a budget and that’s how I want to help you decorate too!

Here are 6 tips for your 4th of July decorating and creating some adorable pieces on a budget!

  • Utensil Holder
  • Twizzler Firecrackers
  • Ribbon Flag
  • Flag Marshmallow Pops
  • Bandana Pillow
  • Ribbon FUN!

Utensil Holder

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​An easy way to display your utensils and have everything in one spot for your guests is to create these utensil holders! You use a medium sized mason jar (your guests will use this for their drink, insert a bandana of any color (your guests will use this as their napkin), insert plastic utensils. You can dress it up with some ribbon. This is PERFECT since it’s all wrapped up together and makes a cute display.

Twizzler Firecrackers​​​​​​​

You’re going to need some scrapbook paper that matches your theme. I opted for some star paper and cut each one about 3 inches wide and left them to length (12″). Using double-sided tape, wrap it around a bunch of Twizzlers creating firecrackers.

Ribbon Flag

I created this pallet style piece over on FB and you can watch it HERE:

I got all of my supplies from Walmart.

Flag Marshmallow Pops

These are fun to make with your kiddos! Here are all the directions on what you need and how to make your own!

Bandana Pillow​​​​​​​

Grab a pillow form from Walmart ot Hobby lobby and two bandanas. I simply tied the corners together with ribbon and TA-DA!! CUTENESS!! And the best part? They aren’t permanent so you can untie them and use the forms for another holiday or season.

Ribbon FUN

I tend to use ribbon on EVERYTHING! It accents everyday household items up in my opinion. Look around and think outside the box when it comes to decorating. Here, I just took some ribbon and tied it to the top of a lantern for an easy updated look for the season.

Decorating for the holidays, whether you are hosting or just enjoying with family, doesn’t have to be hard.

What is your favorite thing to do for this holiday?

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