$4 Wreath – Seriously!

Here it is!
The Dollar Tree is heaven to me on some days.  Don’t you just have those days where you just HAVE to spend some money and buy something new?
NO?!?!?!  Oh….well I do….a lot…
When it comes to cheap crafts, the Dollar Tree is where it’s at.  While everything used to be a dollar, most Dollar Trees have increased their prices to $1.25. Still a good value.  I seriously can’t pass that up especially when I can make something cute.  That could be why my hubby thinks I’m going to bankrupt us on my innocent trips to the Dollar Tree.
Here is what you need
One wreath
Two strands of garland
One roll of ribbon
Originally, I was going to wrap the garland around the wreath but I decided against it.  Therefore, I cut all of the pieces off of the garland and hot glued them sporadically until I thought it looked like it should.  I certainly could have used three garlands but then that would have been another $1.25.  I have to keep this uber-cheap!  Add a bow and you’re all done!
Turn this…
Into this…
Do you think hubby will notice that something new is on the front door that he has NEVER seen before?  Maybe the prettiness will keep him from knowing I went to the Dollar Tree, again…probably not!

Nevertheless, I think it turned out fantabulous and that’s all that matters to me 🙂

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