The Simplest DIY of EVER!

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Anybody that creates feels a sense of satisfaction!  Standing in the kitchen and creating a new dish is satisfaction for some. Singing or playing an instrument may bring someone else a sense of fulfillment.  For me…its creating art!

Art covers a whole realm of things and I’m going to be the first to tell you that I will never be a Picasso or Michelangelo.  Honestly, I’m humbled everyday that people ask me to create for them because the only thing I have to offer is my passion. No technical training or education.  Just hard work and the desire to figure things out while doing what I am passionate about 🙂 

So many people tell me that they “aren’t creative” or “crafty”. While there are wide ranges of talent levels with everyone I meet, THIS is a piece that YOU ARE gonna be able to create!  

You need these… 

They’re ceiling medallions that go on the ceiling above a ceiling fan.  They carry them at almost any home improvement store. I got mine at Lowe’s.  I got the smaller 13.5″ ones but they have much larger ones if you have a bigger spot to put them in. 

You’re also going to need spray paint in any color you desire (I used Green Apple), scrapbook paper, a flower of some sort, and a glue stick. I have several flowers laying around for different projects but you can easily go to Hobby Lobby and check out their scrapbooking department!  They have LOTS of adorable embellishment flowers. 


Spray a light coat of paint on the medallions and let them dry. Mine were dry in no time flat. Literally, like 10 min.  My original intention was to use these as picture frames but I decided against it. Instead, I measured the opening and cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit it perfectly. I lined the lip of the medallion with a glue stick and layed the paper down. Then with my glue gun I attached my flower. DONE!!

Sooooo easy and so cute!  This is so cheap and so easy that you could easily change the paper and flowers out to match the different seasons. That’s the kind of decor I like! 

I hung these in my hallway opposite my gallery wall where I needed a little something to liven it up 🙂    Don’t you agree that this is Adorable!!! What do you think?  Do you think this is something you could create? 

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