Hutch Makeover with Tile!

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I think most of us have a hutch someone in our house or have visions of having one!  To me they are the a versatile piece of furniture that can fit into any home.   They are beautiful themselves but sometimes they just need an extra bit is beauty to make them AHHMAZING!!

I found this hutch that was a worn-out dated yellow color!  I’m sure in it’s day it was perfect for the homeowner, but it wasn’t the look I was going for.  I was, however, drawn to the detail!  All those little nooks and crevices really stand out when you use a wax or glaze over the top of paint and that was precisely my plan!

DecoArt has an amazing line of paint that I used for this piece!

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I chose THIS Sea Blue Color.  Let me tell you – it is beautiful in person!!

After the paint was dry and cured, I used THIS wax over the top.  This was the first piece I used this line of paint on and I am sold!!  I’ve used the DecoArt paint in the past but only on small art pieces that I do – never furniture!  They have a huge line of paint for furniture and outdoor use now!!  There’s literally a paint for every surface you can imagine.  AND – it’s high quality paint!!

After everything was dry, I took the original hardware and cleaned it good with soap and water.  Then I spray painted them with a brushed nickel paint.  VIOLA!!

At this point, this beauty is ready to display in any home!  But I wanted to add something a little “extra” to it and so I headed to Lowe’s and purchased some tile that I thought would be the perfect match.  I measured the backing on the bottom part of the hutch to make sure that I got just what I needed.  And the best part – I was able to purchase tile and not have to do any cutting!!!  Which is a good thing since I didn’t want to buy a tile cutter just for this project.  That’ll be later when we re-do bathrooms.  It just wasn’t in the budget at the moment.

I chose a tile that had hues of silver, white and aqua.  In between the 12×12 sheets of tile, I used some white glass tile pieces.  They honestly couldn’t have fit any better.  To finish the edges, I used some marble rounded sections (I don’t know what they’re called) that are also sold with the rest of the tiling.


I simply applied it with some liquid nails, let it sit for a bit (maybe 30 minutes) and attached that baby to the base and displayed it!!!  I didn’t use any grout or anything.  It is such a small recessed place that you can’t even see the spacing between the tiles.

This pic also shows a closeup of the beautiful detailing that was accented with the wax!

I am absolutely smitten over how this piece turned out!!

I’d love to know if you’ve refinished a piece of furniture in THIS line of paint and what you thought!

What color would you choose if you were to paint or buy a piece like this?

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