Are You Caught In The “Do It All” Syndrome?

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Are you caught in the “Do It All” syndrome?  Who are you doing it for?  Our purpose in life is not to do it for the family or the PTA, but for what our Father gave us to do.  Focus on good worthwhile things while still knowing that it can’t all be done.  Our purpose is to bring glory to the one who gives us the opportunity to tackle this balancing act.  How can we do this when our homes are constantly in a state of bedlam and make it beautiful?

First and foremost, you must prioritize the important.  Sift through all your yes’ and no’s and figure out where you need to spend your quality time.  Embrace the simple, don’t let busyness take hold, and don’t let the little things turn into big things.  Implement purposeful intentionally!

One way to do this is to instill traditions in your home.  We all have them but the difference I am talking about are the ones that you do yearlong and not just holiday traditions.  Think family dinners, game nights, popcorn and root beer float movie nights.  The Christmas and Thanksgiving season can become so jam packed with to do lists that traditions are what people remember and look forward to year to year.

Start a heart of loving kindness project (stay tuned for my upcoming HeartDrop Project).  Look for unique way that you can pour love and encouragement into others.  Simple lunch box notes, encouragement through a “kiss” and a “good luck”.  Don’t let you children or your spouse walk out the door without showing them love and encouragement to fight the battles they will tackle in the outside world.

Service builds character!  We can serve the outside world in many ways but you can also serve with your home.  Mark your doorposts as a warm haven and refuge.  How do you do that?  Senses are the way that we all experience life.  We feel good when those senses are heightened and stimulated.  Make sure your home shows warmth, nourishment, encouragement, soothing, stimulating, and satisfying (just to name a few).  All of these feelings communicate love to family and friends around you.

It’s easy to see people whom you think have it all together.  Just remember that when they are on social media bragging about their lives and showing you pics of their home or craft projects, etc; they are just showing one corner.  There is another corner out of the frame that has mountains of laundry I can promise.  No house in this world looks like the magazines and I can almost promise that if it does, it isn’t communicating love in all the ways that it can.  Think about it?  If you go into a home that is spotless, do you feel soothed, welcomed or warm?  I know I don’t.

Here’s a shocking statistic: 80% of US women believe we don’t measure up!  That’s a lot of us that are not giving ourselves the credit that we deserve.  There isn’t a mold that we all have to follow.  That makes life boring,  God gave us our individuality and it is our responsibility to embrace that.  Queen Esther did extraordinary things for God but was just an ordinary woman.  Her gift of hospitality made her extraordinary.

“Ordinary things done with intentionality become extraordinary!”

Chose to begin living intentional with the ordinary!

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