Paper Mache Succulent Pumpkin

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Now that the fall season is fully upon us, I’ve got the perfect project for you!  Succulents are the “in thing” right now and this piece works great with both fake and real succulents.

When I went to SNAP this last spring, I got some of these succulents and floral foam from Floracraft.  I have been patiently waiting to come up with the perfect DIY yo use them with.  Then when I saw that Pottery Barn and few other high dollar companies were offering these succulent pumpkins, I knew I had to make one.  Because let’s be honest, Pottery Barn isn’t in my budget.


Here’s what you need! //” target=”_blank”> THIS craft pumpkin, floral foam to match the size of the pumpkin, a variety of succulents, fake moss, paint, modge podge, and glitter!

I painted my pumpkin first and then let it dry.  Because the pumpkin is made of paper, it dries really fast.  Next up, you use a very sharp knife cut a circle the size of your floral foam our.  It’s gonna be hollow and you can see the paper that was used to make it.  Remember doing that when we were kids?!  How fun!!!  It’s still done that way!  See….crafting doesn’t ever really change 🙂

Using modge podge, coat the entire bottom of the pumpkin and sprinkle glitter on heavily.  You can do a second coat when the first is dry if you aren’t satisfied with the coverage.  Once it is all dry, you’re going to trim down your floral foam and literally shove it into the pumpkin.  You want it to fit snugly.  (At this point, you can skip this step and just use a small bowl to hold regular succulents.) Now you just add your succulents.

Once all of your succulents are in place, you’re likely going to have some foam showing.  You can buy fake moss from any craft store – use that to fill in the bare spots.  I applied it using hot glue.  Then the final touch for me was adding the word “FALL” with a paint pen to the front.  You can leave it plain or dress it up anyway that you want.


Display it on a fancy tray and add some acorns or moss around the base of it and you have the perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table!  If you’re not hosting, it makes the perfect gift for the hostess!!

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