Heavenly Vanilla Extract

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Here it is ladies…and gents!!  This is by far, THE BEST vanilla extract you will ever use.  So many people think that making homemade anything takes so much time and effort that sometimes it’s easier to just buy premade.  Let me tell you – sometimes, yes; and SOMETIMES, there is nothing better than homemade.

How to_

I make this every year for friends and family and let me tell you, people ask for it when they need more.  You can truly tell the difference when you are baking with it!!  The key to the best vanilla extract is real MADAGASCAR vanilla beans and GOOD vodka!

That’s it!!

If you can’t find high quality Madagascar beans at a local Amish shop. you can go to Amazon and buy THESE which is what I use!  Don’t skimp on the beans – there is a huge difference with cheap versus quality.

Next, you just need a good medium to high-quality vodka.  There is no need to buy top of the line but you will need something more than the base brands.  It’s going to make the vanilla intensely flavorful which is what you want when you are baking and cooking.

I use THESE pint mason jars.  Fill your mason jar with vodka leaving an inch at the top.  Take each vanilla bean and splice it down the middle lengthwise and then cut in half.  This will give you four pieces out of one bean.  You will place 1 1/2 beans (6 splices) into each jar.

Seal it up and put it in a dark cupboard for at least 3 months to steep.  I personally prefer letting them sit for at least 4 months but the concentration will be ready at 3.  I tend to make these in August which means they are ready for gift giving at Christmas!

It’s so easy and takes no time and you will have THE BEST vanilla extract evah!!  Just be warned, if you make it, you will have people knocking at your door when they’re jar is empty ready for a replacement!

Have you made any other extracts?  I am itching to try my hand at making some coconut extract next 🙂



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