Pearls of Wisdom

It is one of my heart’s desires to encourage women to be all that they can be.  Life is tough and many times, we make it harder on ourselves than we need to.  We are made to be amazing beings!  And while we ARE amazing – are far from perfect.  Life is all about embracing our imperfections and making them beautiful. Those beautiful imperfections are what defines you.  It is in those imperfections that we are called to share and create beauty with others.  Just like a smooth marble has beauty, so does a rough and callused oyster shell.  An oyster shell is made to withstand a rough and tumble life and in return, a beautiful pearl is created.

A pearl is formed inside the shell of certain mollusks as a defense mechanism against potentially threatening irritants.  When it is attacked from the outside, a beautiful creation is made.  The same goes with our hearts.  All of the imperfections of our being and the attacks received from the outside world work together to create an amazing heart that only YOU have.  And no matter what you or anyone else tells you…that is something to be celebrated!  It’s time to open your shell and show your pearl to the world!

With growth…comes constant invitations to change…opportunities disguised in fear.

JOIN ME as I share with you Pearls of Wisdom from ladies that have embraced their imperfections!  Ladies that are just like you!  It’s a simple online interview process that is only 12 questions – questions that encourage ladies to embrace the beautiful imperfections that they should proudly own!  I’d love to learn more about you!!

  • Tell me a little about yourself?  What you do for a living?  Family?  Passions?
  • What is the best thing a woman can do in the midst of suffering?
  • What are some practical ways that you build your happiness that can help other women do the same?
  • Name one person that impacted your life?  How and why?
  • Tell me about a challenging time in your life – how did you overcome it?  What did you learn?  Mistakes that impacted your life?
  • What gives your life meaning and how do you keep that focus?
  • What personal prisons have you built out of fear that you fight on a daily basis?  How do you keep that from hindering your focus?
  • How do you know when to continue holding on versus letting go?  This could be in relation to past things or current things.
  • How and where do you find inspiration?  What creative outlets do you encourage your own inspiration?
  • Define success versus happiness in your own words.
  • What are your favorite 3 books?  Why?
  • What is your favorite quote?