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We all have a creative side! Some of us find it naturally and some of us need a little help in finding theirs. Creativity can come in many forms – painting, decorating, crafting, baking, cooking, etc.

My mission is to help you find your inner creative and elevate it to the next level! I believe in a world fueled by creativity and passion and I believe in self-expression, self-love and self-responsibility. I believe that life is what you make it!

I have been blessed to be able to share my creative side with my following online for close to 10 years now and just this year I was able to branch out and become a regular on a couple local TV channels for their DIY’ing segments! It was SCARY but oh so fun!

Be careful with creativity, you never know where it will take you – it will always be somewhere amazing!

This membership group is a place for you learn ALL things creative! I will be sharing all of the tips and tricks that I know, as well as bringing in other professionals for them to share their expertise on their craft! You will get to sit alongside us and create.

What you get for $18/month:

  • Access to at least TWO new trainings a month sharing projects with you with tips and tricks
  • Two FREE designs every month to use with your vinyl cutter or to trace onto your projects for painting
  • Learn painting, decorating, crafting, baking, cooking and SO MUCH MORE!!
  • A community of like-minded women that share the same desires to learn or grow their creative side.

If you’re ready to get access to this and so much more for just $18/month, sign up here:

I am so glad you’re here! Let’s get to creating!!

Please make sure you join the FB group which is where you will gain access to ALL of the goodies!

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