40 Quirks for 40 Years

To start with, I should have created this list when I was 20.  It’s much easier to come up with 20 unique things versus 40!  Try it!!  Since it’s my birth month and I’ll be 40, I thought I would share some of my uniqueness with you.  Here we go:

  1.  As a child I wanted to legally change my name to Barbara.  I’m thankful my mother didn’t let me follow through with that.  I still love the name, but I am so thankful and blessed for the family name I have.
  2. Twizzlers are my FAVORITE candy….like I could eat bags upon bags.  It’s really ridiculous.
  3. I adored Kenny Rogers as a child (and still do.)  I owned every record that he had (and still have them).  For those of this generation….we had records.  Google it.
  4. My favorite food is Mexican.  Being from Kansas I am aware that I’ve probably never had real Mexican food but I love the Tex-Mex that we enjoy here.
  5. I am a lover of cats, specifically pure white long-haired cats with blue eyes.  Someday in this life I will own one.
  6. MAINE – such a tiny state way up on the east coast but it’s the one and only place I want to visit before I leave this earth.
  7. I’m messy…but don’t like when anyone else is.
  8. I despise cooking.  It’s a good thing I married a man that enjoys it.  I only cook because I have to eat.  I hate the whole process.
  9. But I LOVE baking 🙂 Go figure.
  10. I was a dancer for 12 years of my life.  Tap, ballet, and jazz and I LOVED every minute of it.  I still regret to this day giving it up.
  11. I gave up dancing to be a cheerleader for four years.
  12. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday.
  13. Spring is favorite season.  The growth and renewal of Spring brings such hope!
  14. I’ve had four children.  Three living and one angel.
  15. Music is one of my passions.  There is such power in music and no matter my mood, there is something to fit it.
  16. I grew up in the wrong era.  I would have fit perfectly in the 50’s.  The music, the ladies clothing, everything.
  17. I don’t like ice cream.  It’s a sin I know.  I usually eat about two bites and then I’m done.
  18. I have a personal space issue.  I crave closeness but have a hard time sharing it.
  19. I love Air Supply.  Shun me now…..but I bet you do too 😉
  20. My baking experience involved making brownies…with the help of my mom.  The box said to “mix by hand”.  I did….literally.
  21. I’m an adrenaline junkie!  I love the rush of anything exciting!
  22. I have one tattoo – maybe two by the time you read this 😉
  23. I don’t know my real dad…but my step-dad is pretty amazing!
  24. I eat candy corn by color.  My entire family laughs at me because of it.
  25. I have a secret passion to be a psychologist.
  26. I was in Who’s Who In American High School Students.
  27. I dance and sing like a crazy fool when I am by myself.  It’s the best therapy!
  28. I don’t watch movies.  I have a hard time sitting and not feeling productive.  On the rare occasion that I do watch a movie, I always wonder why I don’t watch them more often.
  29. My favorite movies are musicals with Fred Astaire, Doris Day, Judy Garland, and so many more.  This goes back to me living in the wrong era.
  30. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to go to the Carribean someday!
  31. I drank Dr. Pepper for over 15 years and gave it up cold turkey.  All pop in fact!  I didn’t think that would EVER happen.
  32. I modeled for the Jones store one year.  Not my forte.
  33. I was coloring before the adult coloring craze hit.  It got me through a lot of emotional, crazy times.  More good therapy.
  34. I hit my snooze button at LEAST four times!  I AM NOT a morning person.
  35. I have to shower EVERY SINGLE MORNING, no exceptions.  If I don’t, I literally can’t function.
  36. I suck at saving $$$.  It never happens.  On a positive note, we refuse to have debt and don’t own ANY credit cards.
  37. If there is a self-help book that’s been written…I’ve read it.  No joke.
  38. I ADORE bacon – the fattier the better!
  39. I curl my toes every time I use the bathroom – the hubby figured this one out.  One of those things you do that you don’t realize you do.
  40. I detest mushrooms but LOVE morels 🙂

There you have it!  40 things you didn’t know about me five minutes ago and now you do.  I know…that’s time you can’t ever get back.  Sorry 🙂

What is one quirk that you have that you can share with me?

What do you think?