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I finally caved!  I have been wanting to paint a wall in our home with chalkboard paint for quite sometime but had never really convinced my hubby that it would be worth it.

He finally agreed and the kids LOVE IT!!  Especially Parker!  The day after I painted it, he used it ALL DAY!  And, no, that is not an understatement!!  The downside?  LOOK AT THE DUST that collects on the floor when the kids scribble in one spot over and over and over and over.  Mr. Parker thinks it’s cute {sarcasm}!

Now, let me say that chalkboard paint is very expensive for the little amount you get.  And when I opened the can, I was really nervous that I wasn’t going to have enough.  It has a very thick consistency and that worried me a bit.  I didn’t think my hubby was going to want to spend $20 on another small can!  Yep, it’s that expensive!!

Needless to say, I had half of the can left by the time I was done!!  YIPPEE!!!  I can’t wait to use it on another project.  I’m thinking organizational tags for baskets or a table top in the little one’s room!  Ohhhh the possibilities!

Now I just need to make a holder for all the chalk that keeps floating around my house every time I turn around!


Yep, I know!  He needs a haircut really bad.  He’s still cute in my eyes though 🙂

DSC08128 DSC08130

See all that scribbling in one spot….


And then the rubbing with the hands…


Yep – it’s messy!!  But they love it!!!


What’d I tell ya!!  Good thing this is by the back door where it gets swept alot!


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