My Trash to Treasure!

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I have a two year old so I have diaper boxes – LOTS.  They are very sturdy boxes yet I always broke them down and recycled them for the most part.  I used some of them but with the amount that comes in my house I never seemed to have anything else to do with them.
Amy @ Postively Splendid took her diaper boxes and turned them into Canvas Lined Bins!!
INGENIOUS, I TELL YA!  You gotta go check hers out!  They are “positively splendid.”
Soooo…I pulled out two boxes and made some of my own.
The red fabric were some old curtains that I had stashed away.  And the brown striped…a curtain that I found at Target yesterday for $1.24!
Fantastic, huh!!
I think so!
I think the flowers add the perfect character that I was looking for!!
Thanks, AMY

Texas Monkey

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