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On Monday night I had the pleasure of going and seeing Giada speak about all her awesomeness!!  She was at the Unity Temple on the Plaza and a friend from my hubby’s work picked us up a couple tickets about two months ago and we have been patiently waiting.  The tickets have been hanging on my fridge me me to look at and anticipate everyday.  She was promoting her new cookbook, Giada at Home, and I got a signed copy!!

Giada is my husband’s fave for obvious reasons.  She is beautiful!!  I didn’t realize until I saw her how utterly SKINNY she is!!  Seriously I didn’t know chefs could ever be that skinny.  I don’t know how she does it, but she pulls it off VERY well.

Giada was so sweet and I wish we would have gotten there earlier so that we were in the first row.  Then maybe we could have actually MET her.  Here are some of the questions and answers from the evening.

1.  What cookbook would you always have with you other than your own?  Ina Garten, they are so simple and beautiful recipes.  You always with with Ina!

2.  What music do you listen to while you are cooking?  Right now, Jay-Z.

3.  What is your favorite recipe in any of your books?  Espresso Caramel Bars.

4.  What is your easiest recipe?  Pasta Ponza

5.  If you could cook for anybody who would you choose?  Bill Clinton.

6.  What foods do you not like?  Coconut and green peppers.  NONE of her recipes have green peppers!

7.  How do you get your 18 month old to try new food?  I put parmesan cheese on EVERYTHING!

8.  What is your best secret ingredient?  LEMON — it is so flavorful and fat free!

9.  Is the show filmed in your home?  No, it is a set but it does look EXACTLY like my home.  It was made that way.  The ocean in the background…that’s fake.  One the set anyways.  It is what I really see when I look out my kitchen window at home 🙂

10.  Where do you get all of your beautiful clothes?  My favorite shop is Anthropologie.

11.  What would you request for your last meal?  Undercooked chocolate chip cookies!!  

How could I not take a pic of the adorable apron that was one the stage!  ADORABLE…

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