Speaking Engagements

Inspirational speaking for small groups embracing the perfection of our imperfect lives together!!

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If you’re a woman who wants it all and is done with settling for less, then you’re in the right spot!  After your “visits” with me, I hope that you leave supported, empowered, inspired, and connected.  My mission is to empower all women to create beauty in their lives amidst all the chaos.

“I believe in a world fueled by creativity and passion!  I believe in self-expression, self-love and self-responsibility.  I know that life is what you make it!”

YOU are able to have a magnificent life!  Living a wholehearted life means bringing ALL of yourself to the table.  Feeling the sweet relief of owning your contradictions, your vulnerable bits, and your uniqueness.  Creating beauty in your personal life is about the unfolding of the “real” you.  Along the way, we’ll create beauty in our personal life, home, and relationships!