The Ruffled Daisy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We’re celebrating 7 years!

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Happy 7th Birthday to The Ruffled Daisy! 

I just wanted to say thank you for reading and commenting and being here and for sharing this wonderful story with me.  Many of you have shared your stories of struggle with me and many of you have crafted along side me.  You’ve have ALL played a part in this journey and made me happy everyday for 7 years and I am so thankful. It’s been 7 years of showing you how to make your house a home, how to be real in a “fake” world and how to create some amazing dishes in the kitchen!

Seven years since I started this little adventure that has been down many roads and changed in so many ways!  Some years have been easy, some years have been hard!  Some years have grown as a business and some years I’ve grown more as an individual.  This year has been a year of MAJOR growth for me individually.  It’s been a challenge to keep The Ruffled Daisy afloat amidst the challenges that we happen to come upon in life, but I’m praying that through this journey, it will propel me on to better things for you.  I’ve got a mind that never stops so I’ve got that working on my side 🙂

What does this mean for you?!  Well, I enjoy giving presents just as much as receiving – so for all that you have given me, I am giving back to you!!!!  How about a CUSTOM piece valued at $75 for FREE!!!


GOOD LUCK!!!!  I hope “YOU” win the goodie that I am making specially for this event!!!

That’s it for now, we’re totally popping the champagne even if it is only 11 am!!  

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