Dig Deep To Find Your Amazingness

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When you have a mess in your life with a million things to do and you let the negativity of the world affect your actions, it’s time to put on some sassy lipstick, or fancy earrings, or your best dress (unless you’re mowing) and lose yourself in music that inspires you!

Music and nature has the ability to change your mindset.  Music will sometimes speak to you and like friends can’t .  Nature will reconnect you with all that is pure.  They both help you shut out the noise and chaos of the world.

Don’t allow the devil to take hold of you.

Let the goodness that you have around you lift you up!  You have breathe in your lungs.  You overcame a previous fall and you are standing.

Let encouraging lyrics fill your ears and head with all the good you need to hear until you drown out the negativity that you have let take residence in your head.

Let nature fill you with the goodness that God intended for you.

Be good to your soul – you’re the only one with it’s best interest!!

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