It’s Time to be a PRAYER WARRIOR!

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There are so many days that I try to sit and write and the jumble in my head can’t be put into words. Then there are days I write and don’t stop. I pray that my words speak and uplift those that need it. I pray that I make sense of my mess so that you can make sense of yours. I pray that we all come together in prayer and lift each other up when pain and discomfort hits. No matter why the pain and anxiety shows at your doorstep – I’ll be your prayer warrior and I pray that you will be someone else’s when they need it.

Because let’s face it….we all need it! You may not need a prayer warrior today. But your neighbor does….or the lady at the coffee shop cleaning up her spilled coffee from the toddler that she is wrangling…or the man pumping his gas with his last $20 because he’s struggling to tell him family that he lost his job and can’t provide anymore…or the mother laying flowers at her daughter’s grave…or the sister who has broken relationships that she doesn’t know how to mend with her family…or the school counselor who hears stories everyday of broken homes and prays everyday for them – she needs your prayers just as much as she gives them.

I need prayers today…..will you be my prayer warrior? Be that person with a heart of compassion for those suffering – chose to make a difference in a world that is full of junk.

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